Ken and Barbis' Double THE CATFIGHT For Pet Food Laws Through Class Action


April 23, 2007

Ken and Barbis' Double THE CATFIGHT For Pet Food Laws Through Class Action

Shane, Sia and "Cutest" Barbi-Wahl 

   Ken Wahl and "Cutest"

Our favorite beloved rescue, Cutest the cat, died March 29, 2007 from the poisoned recalled pet food.

We, the Barbi Twins and husband Ken Wahl ("Wiseguy"), rescue and foster many animals that were also affected by the tainted food, but Cutest died the most horrific death. We want to make sure that pet food is regulated like human food so that no one has to endure seeing their beloved family member suffer and die. Pet food manufacturers need to be accountable for their ingredients. Criminal charges of animal cruelty should also be given for murdering more innocent animals by testing already known tainted food on them.

We want everyone to join our class action lawsuit to force new pet food laws and regulations.   Any money we might receive from the lawsuit will go directly into animal charities.

Shane and Sia Barbi, founders

Blim & Edelson LLC, Chicago

For further information contact  Yahoo address is also available:

Please emails only or small attachments.  Due to the volume of emails we are getting regarding the recall we want to ensure we get your emails.  If you do require sending an large attachment please email and we will make arrangements.  Thank you


The Barbi Twins and Ken Wahl remain passionate in helping the welfare of all animals

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